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avanza 2012Avanza 2012 is expected to be a family car in 2012 will join, because in 2011 avanza has become a favorite and best-selling car in the year. Avanza car in 2012 will be called "All New Avanza" avanza 2012 and has been tested (test drive) to drive the streets at speeds over 160 miles per hour.

Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) was intentionally created this 2012 Toyota avanza with the appearance of a more modern, dynamic and luxurious. We can see from the interior of the headlamps have been designed with model model trapezoidal grille that blends with the horizontal model, while in the back of the stern lights interior lights no longer extends as previously avanza will however be made simple to sporty.

All New Avanza 2012 this plan will be launched at the end of 2011 due to consumer demand that prefer to buy the latest avanza. So many consumers are so eager for the arrival of this 2012 All New Avanza. But the plan avanza 2012 will first be launched in India later this year.

facade looks almost the same as Etios

When viewed at a glance produka latest avanza 2012 is almost the same as the car Etios, even the Indian public expect the interior like Etios. When viewed in the image above to prove that beyond all new interior avanza 2012 will be overhauled and will be more impressed elegant and certainly will make the car avanza will win back the car keluarha No. 1 best sellers and all new avanza specs terfavorit.Untuk 2012 is still the the secret of Toyota avanza manufacturer itself, thus we do not show clear recent avanza specs itself

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